Rhythm Mode D - " So Damn Tough " (1989)

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[Label: Blue Chip]


1. Flex With The Posse
2. We Are The Warriors
3. Turntable Doom
4. The Breaks According To DJ Slick D
5. Bum Rush The Sound
6. So Damn Funky
7. Gangster Boogie (Remix)
8. Can You Feel It (Remix)

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Не слышал о таком,THANKS!

Ахах,оказывается у меня есть)

Wow, I remember buying a box of records via mail order from Blue Chip records in the 90s and receiving multiple copies of 12"s and albums. Most was rubbish but this one stood out more than the rest. I think I mainly used the Rhythm Mode album to hone my scratching skills if I'm honest.