Prince Johnny C - " It's Been A Long Rhyme Coming " (1992)

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[Label: Rap-A-Lot Records]


1. Young Girlies Want Nothing But Sex   
2. Gotta Be Me   
3. Sunshine   
4. Momma Shoulda Poppa Woulda
5. Kevey Kev Is A Dancer With Soul   
6. Ain't Nobody Bad Like Me   
7. Love Crazy   
8. For The Love Of Hip-Hop   
9. Who's In Power   
10. Comin' To Get Ya   
11. From The Ghetto To The Get Mo   
12. Ready To Give It All To You   
13. Searching For Momma Feel Good   
14. Pop You Need To Stop Drinking   
15. A Thing For Big Women   
16. Me And Baby Brother

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Похож на Dr Dre)